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canadian citizenship by descent great grandparent 21 Feb 2020 The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade manages the Foreign Births Register and will determine if you are entitled to be an Irish citizen nbsp . In these cases you can become an Irish citizen through Foreign Birth Registration. com Claim British citizenship by double descent There are provisions in law allowing a claim to British citizenship based on having a grandparent and in rare cases a great grandparent born in the UK. I am eligible to quot recover quot or quot prove quot citizenship in any of the following ways Germany by Great grandparents. Sep 14 2018 Becoming a citizen of another country may be easier than you thought. Seuss Apr 25 2020 Free Book Passport To Citizenship the island of st kitts where you can buy citizenship getty st kitts nevis this pair of lush islands has one of the strongest passports in the Apr 23 2020 Now Mexico FIFA allows education before the age of 18 minimum 5yrs . Spouses of Italian citizens are also eligible to apply for dual citizenship. Do I qualify for Canadian citizenship by descent because of Grandfathers and Great Grandfather s Canadian citizenship Feb 15 2020 Citizenship by descent is a form of birthright citizenship. As you can see citizen by grandparents is a long shot and may depend on proving more than one person s long term residence in the United States. May 29 2018 Irish Citizenship by Descent The Irish citizenship can be obtained by individuals who were born from an Irish ancestor which may be either a parent a grandparent or a great grandparent. So Canada Mexico and USA with possible France by grand parents . Both Italy and the United States allow Dual Citizenship. This question is somewhat complicated but based on my initial research the answer is a high chance of yes because I think you re probably not less than 9 years old but as the years go by the chance of no increases. My great grandparents on both sides of my family were citizens of the Azores Islands before moving to the United States. Marco answered all of my questions and explained how the process would take place if I chose to make my application in Italy. It is correct that you need a birth certificate from Croatia. There are provisions in law allowing a claim to British citizenship based on having a grandparent and in rare cases a great grandparent born in the UK. Category 3 father born in the United States or other Country except Italy your grandfather was Italian at the time of his birth and neither you nor your Identifying Your Right to Italian Dual Citizenship as a Canadian. Nov 21 2008 My Great Grandfather Olaf Edvard Pedersen crossed the Atlantic and succeeded in obtaining the American dream. Acquiring Croatian citizenship. Feb 28 2018 My Grandfather a born in Ontario Canada 1900 as was his Father. However the citizenship act in Canada was changed in 2009. quot The Last Great Royal Tour Queen Elizabeth 39 s 1959 Tour to Canada quot . Read more about British Citizenship by Double Descent.

Consequently if any of your parents or grandparents is a Hungarian citizen or was one when you were born it is very likely that you are one How does Hungarian citizenship affect my Canadian citizenship Canadian citizenship was first created in 1947 by the Canadian Citizenship Act. The new law changes the core aspect of Canadian citizenship as Chris as long as you are married to their citizen or you have a parent or grandparent of that It means that government would reward them citizenship for good behavior nbsp 4 Nov 2018 Though the Rutto case concerns the matter of citizenship by birth reactions This principle means that if for instance your great grandparents left Typical examples are Estonian Americans Estonian Canadians and so on. However becoming Irish on the basis of an Irish great grandparent would be rather difficult if the person s parent was not registered in the Foreign Births Register. Citizenship certificate issued in last 12 months is a proof of Czech citizenship. As a rule of thumb you need to have at least one parent who is a Czech citizen or who holds a Residency Permit to become a Czech citizen yourself. Tho I am very proud of my ancestry I am also proud of my ancestors Grandparents amp Great Grandparents who forged new paths so that I yet unknown to them could have a better life. After the age of 18 you were adopted by Spanish parents. This means that children born to Canadian parents in the first generation outside Canada will only be Canadian at birth if Since 1992 Italy has made dual citizenship available to those of Italian descent and has implemented a process that is much more straightforward than anywhere else in Europe. The Certificate of Citizenship is the only official document offering proof of your Austrian citizenship. Irish citizenship can be claimed by both maternal and paternal lines no matter where or when the applicant was born. You could have done a great deal of it in the USA in English at the Greek consulate embassy. Not all descendants will be eligible. We cover three scenarios relevant to a claim Children Under 18. Dec 20 2010 The Article 6 4 of the Nationality Act establishes that the grandchildren with at least one Portuguese grandparent can apply for the Portuguese citizenship through naturalisation without the need of living in Portugal as long as his her Portuguese grandparent has not lost the citizenship. This wait is longer than I thought. Dual citizenship also allows Italian Americans to further explore their Italian heritage. Once a person is entered onto the Foreign Births Register they are an Irish citizen and entitled to apply for an Irish passport. Table My Grandparent Was A Citizen Does This Help Me Birth in the U. The criteria for claiming this citizenship depends on when you were born as the new legislation was passed in 1983. We re here to help you in person via the phone or online. Maltese Citizenship by Descent Stateless Persons. Someone please help clarify this I thank you in advance for your assistance regarding this matter. It means that if you have ancestors such as parents grandparents or even great grandparents from a country you may be eligible to become a citizen of that country yourself. Because of his Polish citizenship your mother would be considered a Polish citizen. If you were born after 1 January 1983 you may have a claim to British citizenship if Feb 05 2019 If you are new to French Canadian genealogy you may be surprised by the number of famous relatives you have. Your Italian heritage We re called Italian Pride Citizenship because we understand the pride that comes with being of Italian descent.

My grandparents became Canadian citizens 30 years after my dad was born. If the applicant is granted citizenship they will be charged an administrative fee of HRK 1 050. The Citizenship Office accepts applications submitted by descendants of Italian citizens for the recognition of their Italian citizenship by appointment only. Jan 25 2019 To qualify for Canadian citizenship as a U. It does not matter if your ancestor emigrated from Germany well before 1933. naturalization records document the process whereby an individual born in another country an quot alien quot is granted citizenship in the United States. You will need certified copies of birth records and marriage certificates of your Irish relatives. If you were born in Ireland or have a parent or grandparent who was an Irish citizen you may be able to claim citizenship by birth or descent. For example you might automatically become a citizen if you re born outside the UK to a This can depending on when you were born have an important effect on your citizenship application. You must prove your connection to Ireland through descent either the citizenship of a parent grandparent or great grandparent or another qualifying ancestor. com My grandpa mother and myself were all born in America but my great great grandparent were born in Canada. If my grandpa applies for and gets Canadian citizenship by descent could I then apply for it and get it as my grandfather would be a Canadian citizen at that point. Andrew and his parents are were Catholic. Naturalization is the administrative act by which a State makes a foreigner a Greek citizen and equates him with his rights and obligations with other citizens of the Greek state. So I have decided to start the process. The Different Articles of the Italian Citizenship Law. The consulate were incredibly helpful and professional my late mother and grandmother Mar Can I get an EU passport if my great grandparents were from. While the law changed in 2009 the change is not retroactive so if you were born before 2009 you can still apply for Canadian citizenship by descent if one of your grandparents was a Canadian citizen. I first contacted Italian Citizenship Assistance in October 2018 after I did some initial research into obtaining citizenship by descent. Before you start the process of obtaining dual citizenship you should also find out whether acquiring Italian citizenship will affect your current Mar 25 2017 I am pursuing Irish citizenship by descent. Your great grandparent rather than great great grandparent should have had citizenship to use the restoration process. May 27 2017 Andrew s paternal grandparents moved to Canada as well and both died in Ottawa. There are three basic requirements 1.

Jul 31 2015 But unlike most dual citizens in Canada Mulcair is not a new Canadian or the child of immigrants. The case of the Rutto family from Abkhazia who lost their claim to Estonian citizenship following a recent Supreme Court ruling has brought the issue of Estonian citizenship back into the media. But now it says form UKM fees are 80 GBP all in. The rules surrounding Belgian citizenship by descent are applied based on your date of birth and assume you were born outside of Belgium. To get a New Zealand passport you need to be a citizen. For a country so small with a population of just four million the presence of the Irish overseas is incredible. For many others the certificate itself has a symbolic meaning a reconnection with the homeland of their parents grandparents or great grandparents without having to accept the duties and obligations of the citizen such as a small possibility of being conscripted for military service. 15 Jul 2020 There are a few ways you can become a Canadian citizen without legal parent at birth opens in a new tab or biological parent either. The family ties with the original parents are fully broken. Sep 09 2014 A person who has a parent or grandparent eligible for Scottish citizenship will be able to register as a Scottish citizen by descent. You would need a grandparent great grandparent would not be sufficient that at least was a citizen once but it seemed likely that in this case the grandmother would have inherited the citizenship at birth if her father was born Finnish and had not become a naturalized citizen of USA. Only third generation One of the most common ways in which a foreign citizen can acquire the Greek citizenship is naturalization. Mar 28 2019 Use citizenship by descent if your parents are Italian. Before you can even begin the citizenship application process you must first gain permanent resident status in Canada and have no unfulfilled conditions If you have a grandparent who was born in Ireland you can apply for Irish Citizenship but first you have to register with the foreign birth registrar. Importantly for you the law used to be that if a Canadian born abroad did not take some type of affirmative action before age 28 they lost their citizenship. See full list on nomadcapitalist. If you are claiming Irish citizenship because one of your great grandparents was born on the island of Ireland your parent who is of Irish descent must have registered in the Foreign Births Register between 1956 and 1986 or if you were born after 1986 he or she should be registered before you were born. Children of 16 and 17 years of age must be present for the application. Anyone born on the island of Ireland yes both the Republic and Northern Ireland before January 1 2005 is automatically eligible for Irish citizenship even if your parents don 39 t hold Irish passports. My great granparents were born in the 1890 s and never actually lived in the country of Aug 21 2020 Individuals who held Guyanese citizenship prior to the enactment of the 1980 Constitution are still recognized as Guyanese citizens Guyana 20 Feb. US citizenship through acquisition from parents grandparents and even your great grandparents as told by former INS Citizenship Attorney Carl Shusterman. Think about it You will receive all the benefits of a EU Oct 22 2019 This can be a bit complicated but basically if your great grandparent was born in Ireland and one or both of your parents used that relationship to apply for and have been granted Irish Citizen by Descent prior to your birth then you are also eligible to register for Irish citizenship. Nov 04 2012 I am only Croatian through two of my mother s grandparents my great grandparents . If a parent is a US citizen quot at birth quot but unable to quot transmit quot citizenship to a child because the parent did not live in the US before the child s birth for the required period of time under current U. Children born in wedlock between Jan. 21 Jun 2017 THE COMPLEXITY OF CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP BY DESCENT JUS one parent was a Canadian but not if only a grandparent was a Canadian. But only if your parent applied for their own FBR foreign birth registration before your birth. Italian citizenship through descent can also be granted through the maternal line in the case of those born after January 1st 1948.

Would he be eligible for a Canadian passport 13 Aug 2019 My great grandfather my mother 39 s grandfather was Canadian and as such she believes she is eligible for citizenship. BARNABY Joyce is taking urgent steps to completely renounce his surprise New Zealand citizenship the government has said. Citizenship by descent is a process that allows you to apply for citizenship based on your grandparents lineage. Aug 23 2017 Are you eligible for a Lithuanian Citizenship by descent August 23 2017 lithuaniancitizenship. The next thing to learn is whether your great grandparents became Canadian or your g g grandparents became American citizens. Canadian citizens at birth with minor exceptions e. The process involves proving your grandparent or parent was born in Ireland and either your parent and or grandparent who was born in Ireland did not lose his If your great great grandfather became a naturalized citizen before your great grandfather 39 s birth you are not entitled to Italian citizenship jure sanguinis unless you fit into another category. Dec 14 2017 They continued to reside in Poland until they immigrated to Canada in 1928. Steps to Italian Dual Citizenship in Canada 1. 17 Apr 2009 The good news comes thanks to an amendment to the Citizenship Act It limits citizenship by descent to one generation born outside Canada. If the marriage was a civil one unfortunately the line of Polish citizenship from your grandmother would have been extinguished. You cannot get German citizenship if you were born in a foreign country and your German parents were also born in a foreign country after January 1st 2000. citizen you must prove that you know how to speak and write in one of Canada 39 s official languages either English or French be a permanent resident of Canada have lived in Canada as a permanent resident for at least 1 095 days out of the five years immediately before your application and have filed your taxes and paid any income tax you owe German citizenship may have been obtained through the following German citizenship by being born in wedlock. Adults Born Before 1 Jan 1949 RECOGNITION OF ITALIAN CITIZENSHIP FOR PERSONS OF ITALIAN DESCENT BORN IN CANADA OR OTHER FOREIGN COUNTRY. You are a grandchild of a Spanish citizen who lost or was forced to renounce their Spanish citizenship as a result of exile. Although the details and requirements have changed over the years the naturalization process generally consists of three major steps 1 the filing of a declaration of intent or quot first papers quot and 2 the petition for naturalization or quot second Retention of Canadian citizenship. Your maternal great grandfather was born in your native country your maternal great great grandfather was an Italian citizen at the time of his birth your mother was born after January 1st 1948 and neither you nor your mother nor your maternal grandmother nor your maternal great grandfather ever renounced your right to Italian citizenship. The foreign birth registrar is an Irish government documented list for children and grandchildren born outside Ireland to a parent who is an Irish citizen. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade manages the Foreign Births Register and will determine if you are entitled to be an Irish citizen based on birth or descent. Aug 17 2017 Under Canadian law you acquire citizenship by birth if you are born on Canadian soil unless revoked. Certificate of Good Conduct Hungarian birth or marriage certificates are no proofs of Hungarian citizenship. What this entails is if one of your parents is a Canadian citizen then you re also a citizen by descent but if you ve a grandparent that is a Canadian and you re born before the implementation of the new act then Jul 19 2018 For those born before 2009 it is also possible to receive Canadian citizenship if one of your grandparents was a Canadian citizen. May 29 2018 The procedures vary and our Irish citizenship experts will be there to guide you through the ins and outs. permanent resident living in the United States and be of Hellenic descent and have at least one great grandparent with Hellenic roots.

If you sponsor your parents and grandparents to come to Canada as a permanent resident you must Meet nbsp 7 Jul 2020 In some cases a great grandparent will work too. So I am not Croatian on both sides of my family. This means that in general persons who were not already Canadian citizens immediately before April 17 2009 and who were born outside Canada to a Canadian parent are not Canadian if In many cases of US and Canadian citizens applying for Polish citizenship by descent their ancestors may have emigrated before 1918 when Poland was still under the occupation of Russia Austria Hungary and Prussia. If you are applying through your maternal lineage the current law granting Italian citizenship states that women could hold but not pass citizenship to children born before January 1 1948 the date Italy became a Republic. Polish great great grandfather arrived in the USA as a kid. From 1983 Mar 29 2019 For example suppose your maternal grandfather was a Polish citizen who immigrated to the US in the 1930s. In the United States alone over 35 million people claim to be of Irish descent. However I had two great grandparents one living in Canada the other in Italy who were both alive and Italian citizens at the time of my birth. Neither of her parents were naturalized Canadian citizens when she was born. I applied through descendency along with my British born children. Formerly the Law Offices of Carl Shusterman 213 891 9100 The 1956 act allowed citizenship by descent for persons who were born outside of Ireland but descend from Irish citizens. The Hungarian citizenship law is based on the principles of jus sanguinis quot right of blood quot in Latin meaning that a person acquires Hungarian citizenship by birth from a parent who is a Hungarian citizen. Only 1 my great grandmother survived early childhood. I have visited Poland many times and I am in contact with cousins in Poland but they are all through my mother s grandmother s family. There are several different ways to acquire dual citizenship one of which is descent from a parent or grandparent. Contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for all questions about citizenship based on a connection to an Irish relative if you were born outside Ireland. Jul 16 2017 In addition if your parents are divorced then you can get German citizenship by descent only if your parent recognizes you as their legal child by the rules of German law. Therefore a Hungarian birth certificate proves only the fact of birth but NOT the Hungarian citizenship. May These five affordable second passports use the citizenship by descent process to get you a great passport quickly easily and inexpensively. The applicant or at least one parent grandparent or great grandparent must be of Basilicata origin. BUT my grandfather never renounced his German citizenship. Read on for a list of countries that grant citizenship by descent and how to get started. Read more about the British Nationality rights of children under the age of 18 . And those benefits aren t just for you they extend to your entire family.

through descent from his her parents. Your child must be living in Netherlands at the time of the application and have a valid residence permit. My own ancestry is 50 French Canadian thanks Mom but I researched my father 39 s Yankee ancestry first. Spain by relatives more distant. citizenship does not pass directly from a grandparent to a grandchild but Let 39 s say for example that your grandmother gave birth to your mother in 1975. Due to amendments to citizenship law of Lithuania that came into force on the 1st of July 2016 more people can now get a dual Lithuanian Citizenship again. In order to receive your Irish Citizenship and Irish Passport you must first complete the Foreign Birth Registration process. Most Irish citizens gain their citizenship this way. The year is 2014 and I have pondered getting my British Citizenship in the past but it looked rather daunting and expensive 10 years ago. It s simple now grandchildren and great grandchildren will be also able to get Citizenship under some conditions. In these cases you may still want to get proof of citizenship. amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp In order for a foreign citizen to obtain the May 03 2019 1. Sep 15 2018 Becoming a citizen of another country may be easier than you thought. The adoption has been realised in accordance with the Hague Adoption Convention or Book 10 of the Dutch Civil Code BW . There are BIG benefits to having Polish citizenship by descent and a Polish passport especially if you are a non EU citizen. This act limits citizenship by descent to just one generation. Sometime later I started on my mother 39 s side of the family and was soon amazed by the number of interconnected Example Italian ancestor Gloria was born in Milan on February 11th 1930 and she became a naturalized Canadian citizen in 1971. Citizens by descent can also pass on citizenship to their children but these children must meet certain residence requirements in the UK and be registered before age 18. The citizenship law has changed several times. Contact Us for assistance 416 661 4487. There are a few ways you can become a Canadian citizen without applying to be one. After years of gender discrimination in British nationality law which prevented thousands of South Africans from claiming British citizenship by double descent the UK s Supreme Court has fixed one of the injustices. PLEASE NOTE The Italian Embassy is not authorized to obtain certificates from U. Oct 18 2018 To apply for Italian citizenship by descent you need to prove your eligibility by presenting required records for your Italian ancestors. A child is UNDER 18 and they have a grandparent or great grandparent born in the UK or Northern Ireland . There are also times when you might think you became a citizen but you did not.

Saying that you will need to procure a hefty amount of documents to pursue this avenue. My great grandparents were Finnish citizens who immigrated to Canada and when my grandmother was born in Canada in 1932 they great grandparents were still Finnish citizens they weren 39 t naturalized Canadian until 1939. In such a case the citizenship of the person or his her ancestors not their origin is taken into consideration. If you were born after 1 January 1983 you can claim citizenship if They never even mentioned the requirement that I needed an ethnicity on a my great grandparents 39 baptismal record and birth certificate. 13 Aug 2017 Great Grandpa May Hold the Key to Your EU Passport. Now you can honor that heritage by actually CLAIMING your Italian citizenship which was passed on to you at birth. COVID 19 safety measures Find out if you 39 re affected by coronavirus COVID 19 . citizen parent failed to meet the physical presence requirement the child can still receive citizenship through the physical presence of a grandparent. Jun 03 2007 A step by step guide on what documents are needed and the entire process is detailed at Greek citizenship via ancestry origin amp descent with contributions from people who used it and were successful. If the parents were also born abroad the documents of all ancestors grandparents great grandparents have to be enclosed from whom the applicants derive his her Hungarian citizenship. Or through either the option procedure or naturalisation. Jan 11 2017 I found out my great great grandparents on my father and grandfathers side were born in the Austrian Hungarian empire but their parents might have came from Germany so my great great great grandparents some great great great grandfather would have passed German citizenship onto my great great grandfather who would then pass it on to my great grandfather who would then pass it on to my Jun 08 2008 A person can also claim descent based on a grandparent or great grandparent as long as a grandparent had also claimed descent on or before the date of the person 39 s birth. Scotland will also allow dual citizenship so no one would have to renounce his her existing citizenship. Certain persons born outside Canada between February 15 1977 and April 16 1981 to a Canadian parent also born outside Canada to a Canadian parent lost their Canadian citizenship at the age of 28 if they failed to take the steps to retain their citizenship before their 28th birthday. You then include your child on the form. His grandfather was a Canadian citizen. If your parents became United States citizens before 1992 they automatically lost their Italian citizenship. PLEASE NOTE NEW DEVELOPMENT REGARDING DUAL IRISH CITIZENSHIP Under current law deriving Irish citizenship by descent from an Irish born great grandparent is possible only in special circumstances. May 10 2018 One recent ruling though the new British citizenship solution known as the quot British Citizenship by Double Descent UKM CBR pre1983 quot is giving those locals with British ties and wanting to live in the UK renewed hope of obtaining British nationality through their parents and or grandparents. Dual citizenship allowed as of 1977. Citizenship by descent Oct 08 2014 A Canadian first person guide to submitting FORM UKM what the process was like and what you should expect. That generally would make you ineligible for citizenship by descent. I am wondering if I can claim through descent based off of my Grandma and it is a bit cloudy as to whether I can. Your great great great grandparents may they rest in peace could be about to hand you nbsp Kiarash was only four months old when his parents left Canada for good. In general terms article 13 reacquisition is subordinate to the existence of a bond with Italy which may be manifest in a relationship of employment civil or military with the State or with the establishment of domicile in Italy.

5 Mar 2020 for access to information Application for Italian citizenship through birthright italian parents Application for Italian citizenship through birthright great grandparents Registration in Italy of Canadian citizenship. You can pass Polish EU Citizenship to your children grandchildren and beyond. This process is a tad simpler in comparison to achieving citizenship via grandparent s ancestry. Jun 14 2020 Since Ireland recognizes dual citizenship you may be eligible for Irish citizenship no matter where you live. 31 1974 acquired German citizenship only if the father was a German citizen at the time of their birth. Citizenship by investment is the process of obtaining a second passport and citizenship by investing in the economy of the host country. Documents can include your parent s marriage certificate death certificates if applicable and your parent s birth certificates which include details on Obtaining Austrian citizenship by descent is based on Sec. In fact obtaining Italian dual citizenship is an actual right for many people and this is outlined under Italys law of Jure Sanguinis a principle of Feb 18 2019 U. If so could my mom obtain citizenship and then me through her People with a grandparent born on the island of Ireland. From Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Jul 04 2015 I need to know do I as a direct descendant of a lineage of parents grandparents and great grandparents and so on all born and lived in Malta automatically qualify me for dual citizenship as I do not want to renounce my American Citizenship. 73 Law 2020 All 4 of my grandparents were born in Poland Canadian living in the UK looking for Polish Citizenship 12 Law 2015 Jul 09 2007 Greek citizenship through a great grandfather great grandmother any ancestor There are some consulates embassies and lawyers that claim Greek citizenship is possible through a great grandparent or any ancestor born in Greece if the father mother grandmother and grandfather were not as long as birth records can be found aka not destroyed This provision known as delayed registration was retroactive to birth so children born to these citizens would automatically acquire Canadian citizenship by descent if born between the period of 15 February 1977 to 16 April 2009 and would have to apply for retention if falling under the retention rules i. A minor child gains Dutch citizenship by adoption abroad if the following conditions are met One of the parents is a Dutch citizen. The new regulation just foresees the possibility to concede Citizenship in 4 different situations. Bonjour bieb tieg i I 39 m British born with a Maltese born mother grandparents great grandparents. Even if your parents were once Canadian citizens but became American citizens you would not be a Canadian citizen unless you were born in Canada then you would have dual citizenship. Those born with a UK born grandparent may be able to claim British citizenship in certain circumstances. If the applicant is female she must declare her marital status the place and dates of all her marriages her spouse s personal data and his citizenship. Citizenship eligibility can depend on ancestry a valuable work trade religion and years lived in a country. And in some cases you might need to take your application to court. Be careful though as each country has specific rules application Since 2010 we have been advising people of Romanian origine to gain legal rights in the fields of citizenship by ancestry civil status vital records. You should be able to apply under article 11 like I did. Your great great great grandparents could be the key to your citizenship in Europe and with it the legal right to live work and do business in France and any of the other 30 plus countries that make up the EU EEU and associated countries. If you think that you qualify for dual citizenship through descent through a parent grandparent or great grandparent we can retrieve the necessary documents anywhere in the world. My mother was born in 1924 in the U. The rest of Andrew s ancestry is Irish and smaller amounts of English and German. You need to find out what the residency requirements are along with any other requirements and apply for citizenship like everyone else.

The Croatian Citizenship Act Official Gazette no. I cannot say enough good things about this service. What are the benefits of Italian citizenship Your minor child can only apply for Dutch citizenship together with you. Portuguese citizenship for grandchildren born abroad of Portuguese grandparents I am an American citizen born in the USA. due to their descent from a parent grandparent great Irish citizenship by descent can also be inherited by anyone who registers himself in the Foreign Births Register if his grandparent is an Irish citizen born in Ireland. If your grandparent was born on the island of Ireland your parent was born outside Ireland and you were born outside Ireland you can apply for entry on to the Foreign Births Register. Citizenship may be acquired by birth descent naturalization or upon registration following marriage to a Guyanese citizen Guyana News and Information 31 Mar. My parents are also US citizens and are not were never Portuguese citizens. Also to qualify through your mother you must have been born after 1948. My maternal grandfather was born in Ireland in 1884. Ireland Sep 04 2015 Citizenship through Great Grandparents pedigree D gt C gt B gt A is possible but only IF your parent of Irish descent registered in the FBR either between 1956 1986 OR your parent of Irish descent registered FBR before you were born. in about 1906 my Mother as born in U. The Croatian citizenship is acquired on the grounds of origin being born in the Republic of Italian Citizenship Assistance ICA with offices in Rovigo Italy and Los Angeles CA is the perfect choice for people of Italian descent looking to obtain information and assistance about Italian dual citizenship via Jure Sanguinis by descent and Jure matrimonii by marriage . British nationality rights can be passed down to children of a father born in the UK. 58c of the Austrian Nationality Act Austrian citizenship by declaration All former Austrian citizens who were forced to leave Austria before May 9 1945 because they had to fear or suffered persecution by the NSDAP and or the authorities of the Third Reich or they had to fear or suffered persecution because of defending the Yes your grandmother would have lost her citizenship by marrying your Canadian grandfather in 1947 unless the marriage was religious. You must also meet several other requirements including the following . Can I obtain citizenship through descent or ancestry You can become a French citizen through descent if at least one of your parents was a French citizen when you were born. This website uses cookies to provide you with the best browsing experience. com breaks down the rule which includes some pretty intense caveats. Yes you can apply for Irish citizenship by descent. Citizenship Many have asked what is required to become a citizen in the Kingdom of Britons or a Welsh citizen . Nearly all Jewish German citizens lost citizenship between 1933 and 1941. If ascendants in the relevant line were alive on August 1 2007 and died after August 1 2010 without applying for Maltese citizenship the line is broken and you are ineligible. 19 Jul 2018 Canadian citizenship is not impossible to obtain but it is a demanding Below we 39 ve explained in plain English the best immigration We recently started offering a service that helps people claim their Canadian citizenship by descent. Birth by FIFA definition ends at Grand Parents not settlers of a location. To summarize I 39 m afraid that the answer does not look good for you You may have been Dutch when you were born but if so you probably lost your Dutch citizenship on 1 April 2013. If you are applying for your Canadian citizenship for the first time replacing a lost or damage Canadian citizenship certificate or making a correction to your existing certificate the process can be very challenging and time consuming.

Coming up to 9 months of waitingI do hope I get my German citizenship soon. 28 Apr 2009 Sam is a Mexican citizen by birth. Thus you re a Here 39 s an example of a case of descent from a Canadian born grandparent that gives Canadian citizenship to the grandchild Grandfather born in Canada in 1958 became U. In those cases you may be eligible to apply for citizenship. Jul 03 2018 Currently only those whose parents or grandparents have Croatian citizenship can apply but in the future those people with Croatian heritage going further back will be able to obtain Jul 10 2013 If you are an American citizen whose parent grandparent or great grandfather was an Italian citizen you may be eligible for dual citizenship with Italy by Right of Blood for People of Italian Descent. citizenship if one of your grandparents was a Canadian citizen. It means that if you have ancestors such as parents grandparents or even great nbsp If your parents or grandparents are from Europe you probably already know Polish citizenship Eligibility for Polish citizenship by descent Family My mother moved from Poland to Canada in 1965 where she gained Canadian citizenship. The first step in the appeal process involves filing a Notice of Application to the Federal Court within 30 days of receipt of the decision from Citizenship. On June nbsp 31 Dec 2019 visa for parents and grandparents of permanent residents or Canadian citizens . Jun 21 2017 Generally the Citizenship Act grants Canadian citizenship to those born outside Canada to at least one Canadian parent but the Act was recently changed to limit that citizenship by descent to one generation meaning the children of children who so acquired citizenship by decent won t also become Canadians automatically. Find out more about British citizenship by descent grandparent by calling us on 0333 305 9375 or leave an enquiry on our contact form to request a free callback. Since the UK is a part of the European Union a British citizen can travel and reside freely in any of the member states that are a part of the EU. You can find out if you are a Canadian citizen here . We became Canadian citizens in 1975. 8 May 2018 From 1763 until the Canadian Citizenship Act came into force on Since immigrants born in Great Britain and the Commonwealth were Please note that IRCC requires proof of death regardless of the person 39 s year of birth. Lithuania by Great Grandparents. Citizenship through American grandparents Portuguese nationality law is the legal set of rules that regulate access to Portuguese citizenship which is acquired mainly through descent from a Portuguese parent naturalisation in Portugal or marriage to a Portuguese citizen. Canadian citizenship by birth outside Canada to a Canadian citizen parent citizenship by descent is now limited to the first generation born outside Canada. With very few exceptions most ICGS can state with absolute certainty that Italian citizenship jure sanguinis is possible through great grandparents since its founder became an Italian citizen through his mother gt grandmother gt great grandfather. hu Apply to become a Canadian citizen prepare for the citizenship test and find out how you can resume or give up your Canadian citizenship. This is known as double descent. left Croatia before October 8 1991 and Need help with your Croatian citizenship application or locating birth certificates Best to bring their original domovnica.

Read more Northern Canadian Government has updated the definition of 39 Parent 39 for determining citizenship by descent Express Entry has issued Record number of invitations this year until July Despite Covid 19 Australia has released the Details of its May amp June 2020 Invitation rounds Unfortunately the only information I have on my great great grandparents is John Kerrigan born about 1838 in Ireland amp Bridget Delaney born about 1836 in England. I was born in Ireland before 2005. Applicants applying for citizenship by descent will need to show proof of family relationship with emigrants up to the 3rd degree of kinship in a straight line parents and grandparents . Hungary updated its nationality law in 2011 to permit anybody with Hungarian ancestry including great grandparents to claim citizenship by descent. You can actually inherit Italian citizenship from your great great grandfather. Our services are available to everyone across the globe including US UK Australian and Canadian citizens currently residing in their home countries as well as well as abroad and foreign nationals living in the European Union. Depending on your unique situation you may qualify for citizenship via marriage or descent. My great grandparents were naturalized in 1935. It only says that you need a parent grandparent or great grandparent born on the territory of Croatia to apply. The law also provides for other modes of acquiring Maltese Citizenship by Descent Under the Maltese Citizenship Act where a person is of full age and capacity and happens to be a citizen of a country other than that in which he or she resides and whose access to the country of which he or My parents were both born in Great Britain and so was I. Oct 08 2013 My father was born in Italy but became a Canadian Citizen before my birth so I cannot acquire citizenship through him and the same thing applies for my 4 grandparents. My great grandparents my father s mother s parents came to the United States In the 1920s or 1930s. This is nbsp Additionally on the day that your mother or father was born either one of of their parents your grandfather or grandmother also had their main residence in the nbsp CATEGORY 5 Your paternal or maternal grandfather was born in the United States your paternal great grandfather was an Italian citizen at the time of his birth nbsp A Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. The following is a very relevant piece of Polish citizenship legislation that explains the merits of their situation Canadian Citizenship Requirements. Apply for a Dutch passport Jun 24 2016 Jus sanguinis Latin for right of blood grants direct descendants citizenship to a country based on their parent s or grandparent s nationality. CITIZENSHIP REFUSAL NEXT STEPS. To determine definitively whether that is the case it is critical to determine whether your paternal grandfather ever became Canadian and if so when. Because your mother was a Polish citizen even if she didn 39 t claim her citizenship rights you qualify for Polish citizenship by descent. Its possession is not mandatory as a valid passport or national identity card quot ob ansk pr kaz quot can be used as a proof of Czech citizenship. Hmmm the only results I 39 m finding in French on Americans and asylum in recent years is a request lodged by Edward Snowden first under the Hollande government and which his representatives have renewed under Macron. Not only does it reconnect you with your Italian Heritage and Homeland but it also allows you to be eligible to work live and study in the European Union countries without the need for a Visa. Italy For those born after 1948 citizenship is granted if their father or mother was a citizen at the time of the applicant 39 s birth. Category 3 father born in the United States or other Country except Italy your grandfather was Italian at the time of his birth and neither you nor your Your paternal or maternal great grandfather was an Italian citizen your paternal or maternal grandparent was born in the US or a country other than Italy and your paternal or maternal great grandfather was an Italian citizen at the time of your grandparent s birth.

See an immigration attorney for a full personal analysis. I 39 m a Canadian who 2 years ago discovered how Jus Sanguinis works. German citizenship is mainly acquired and passed on through descent from a applicant 39 s parents and grandparents that prove their German citizenship. 28 Feb 2018 My boyfriend 39 s great grandmother is a Canadian citizen. Kiarash has never A naturalized citizen cannot hold a Canadian birth certificate. The child is the offspring of parent who is a U. Your family tree could hold the key to opening a path to second citizenship for you and your family especially in Europe. passport to citizenship pdf Favorite eBook Reading Passport To Citizenship TEXT 1 Introduction Passport To Citizenship By Dr. Our Law Firm worked to help people of Romanian descent from various countries in receiving Romanian citizenship Romanian European passport and other Romanian documents. When she was a kid her parents never nbsp 25 Oct 2018 Since you were born abroad between 1977 2009 you would automatically be a Canadian citizen at birth if at least one of your parents was a Canadian citizen nbsp Canadian nationality French Nationalit canadienne is regulated by the Citizenship Act There are four ways an individual can acquire Canadian citizenship by birth on she was registered for Irish citizenship because of her Irish born grandfather. They must also indicate that they agree with the Apr 18 2009 To protect the value of Canadian citizenship for the future the new law will with a few exceptions limit citizenship by descent to one generation born outside Canada. Additional requirements for Italian citizenship by descent Jan 05 2020 Poland 39 s citizenship by descent question. The parents do not need to be marrie . his or her parent your great grandparent was born in Italy and was an Italian citizen at the time of your grandparent 39 s birth and neither you your parent nbsp 25 Jul 2017 Throw in friendly people a vibrant cultural life and some great You can become a Canadian citizen through descent if at least one of your parents your parents or grandparents were Canadian government employees or in nbsp Canadian Citizenship Certificate or card both sides Canadian birth certificate if the interested sponsor was born in Quebec IRCC will only accept a birth nbsp Apply for a UK Ancestry visa if you 39 re a Commonwealth citizen and can prove that one of your grandparents was born in the UK eligibility fees documents how nbsp 6 Nov 2019 Citizenship through descent from Irish grandparent E a child of D and a great grandchild of A born outside the island of Ireland Entitled to nbsp If your parent grandparent etc. Furthermore paternal and maternal lines are treated differently. Jan 17 2007 The Statute on Polish Citizenship of 15 February 1962 with later amendments final text of statute Dziennik Ustaw Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland No. This has the effect of ending the citizenship by descent. Though the Rutto case concerns the matter of citizenship by birth reactions have included other aspects as well demonstrating once again how confusing the provisions of Estonia 39 s Citizenship Act Citizenship by birth in or outside Ghana and by descent Persons born before 6 3 57 1 A person born before 6 March 1957 is a citizen of Ghana by birth if a He She was born in Ghana and at least one of his her parents or grandparents was born in Ghana or b He She was born outside Ghana and one of his her parents was born in Ghana. Her son Andrew was born in Canada in 1952. Consider what it would be like to grow nbsp 20 Apr 2009 That 39 s correct Canadians who acquire citizenship by being born abroad Bill C 37 cuts off citizenship by descent after the first generation born nbsp 2 Mar 2020 There are 3 main types of New Zealand citizenship by birth by descent and by grant. Danke schon Once he had his citizenship my application was a lot easier. Finnish citizenship can automatically be acquired on the basis of Birth This depends on the citizenship of the child s parents as well as their marital status Legitimation A child born abroad can acquire Finnish citizenship if the father is a Finnish citizen at the time of marriage and paternity has been established Aug 14 2020 Current countries offering most accessible asylum. British citizenship through a UK born father. 11 Nov 2019 Child birth Canada is a Canadian nationality law is defined by the Citizenship Act . If you wish to become a Spanish citizen you have up to two years from the date of the adoption in which to do so. Changes in British passport and citizenship case law are enabling further claims to British nationality based on having a grandparent and in rare cases a great grandparent born in the UK.

If you were born prior to this it s worth checking out the small print because there are some variants on the rules for citizenship by descent British citizenship is normally automatically passed down one generation to children born outside the UK. For instance if your parent grandparent or great grandparent is an Irish citizen then you may be eligible for citizenship Mar 12 2019 It s important to note that any living parents or grandparents through the line of descent must also apply for Maltese citizenship. It seems like I ve seen conflicting information on great grandparents and my eligibility. They were married in Boston MA in 1860 amp had 5 children. Lithuanian citizenship may be restored for a person if he she was a citizen of Lithuania before 15 June 1940 or his her ancestors parents grandparents or great grandparents were citizens of Lithuania before 15 June 1940. If you are calming Italian citizenship by descent from your great grandparents you must submit the above mentioned documents as for your grandparents but referring also to your great grandparents. If they did so they probably renounced their previous citizenship. Dual Italian Citizenship can be claimed by most U. For several living in Wales or Cornwall it happens ipso jure or automatically by the law. Basic Primer on American Citizenship Law A person can become an American citizen in one of two ways by birth or by naturalization. I am a US citizen but my mother was born in Galway. Comments by the Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen suggest that the current guidelines used in granting Irish citizenship may be altered to include Americans can claim citizenship in any of the 27 European countries that are in the EU based on the nationality of their parents or in some cases grandparents and great grandparents. Here is For Naturalization Citizenship From Citizen Parent When Born Outside The U. Claiming citizenship by double descent means you are claiming citizenship as a result of a UK born grandparent. This is called claiming citizenship by double descent. Jun 29 2015 Hi So I have a kind of complicated question as to whether or not I or at least my father qualify for Finnish citizenship by descent. 53 91 70 91 28 92 113 93 Constitutional Court decision 4 94 and 130 11 regulates Croatian citizenship the prerequisites for its acquisition and its termination. For instance if your parent grandparent or great grandparent is an Irish citizen then you may be eligible for citizenship Oct 05 2012 John s paternal grandmother was Cecilia Celia McLean MacLean the daughter of Frank Oscar McClean and Catherine Katherine Fleming Flemming . Our firm handles both Italian citizenship by marriage cittadinanza italiana jure matrimonii and Italian citizenship by descent cittadinanza italiana jure sanguinis . Sep 14 2018 To be eligible for Canadian citizenship you must have permanent resident status and have lived in Canada for 1 095 days in the five years before the date you sign your application. If your parent or ancestor lost citizenship in this way then you and your children may qualify for the restoration of German citizenship. His roots in Canada are as old as the country itself his great great grandfather was the premier German Citizenship Staatsangeh rigkeit can be obtained in a number of ways the most common being by inheritance or naturalisation by descent from a German parent or ancestor by legitimation of a child with a German father to June 1998 Dec 17 2019 Because Italy allows its nationals to pass down their citizenship citizens of other countries who descended from a grandparent great grandparent or other ancestor born in Italy may have a claim to Italian citizenship through iure sanguinis or quot right of bloodline quot . Adamski I am an athlete of Polish descent who would like to become a citizen of Poland. And even an ancestor defending Canada during the Great War of 1914 is nbsp What this entails is if one of your parents is a Canadian citizen then you 39 re also a citizen by descent but if you 39 ve a grandparent that is a Canadian and you 39 re nbsp 14 Dec 2019 My mother never applied to register her Canadian citizenship but she does plan to Under Irish law my grandmother was an Irish citizen at birth due to her The good news is that if your mum does move to Canada she can nbsp 15 Feb 2020 Citizenship by descent is a form of birthright citizenship.

Birth to US Citizen parent s . es Nov 20 2014 A great grandparent born there can be enough to get you citizenship. In order for you to claim citizenship further back than your grandparents your parent or grandparent must have been registered as an Irish citizen at the time of your birth. grandparent or great grandparent is an Irish citizen then you may be eligible Jan 13 2010 No to both questions. Canadian citizens are free to live anywhere in the world so you can obtain your Certificate of Citizenship without having to leave the U. Or if paternity is acknowledged by a Dutch national. Rules for acquiring British citizenship by descent depend on when the person was born. My great grandparents both left Poland between 1900 1914. If a child is not eligible because a U. May 17 2018 Claiming British citizenship by double descent. However even if he she didn t have citizenhip there is still a way to gain Lithuanian citizenship through simplified process rather than through restoration which is a very similar and equally easy way. Son born in USA in 1982 Canadian citizen at birth. 23 Jul 2017 If you are a Canadian citizen and you have a grandparent who was born in the UK you may be able to apply for a UK Ancestry visa subject to nbsp 15 Jan 2018 Imagine living your entire life as a Canadian but then suddenly finding out you 39 re not actually a citizen. Citizenship Through a Grandparent. Being born in the Czech Republic is not necessarily a guarantee for acquiring citizenship. If you were born after 1985 the following rules apply. I have a similar question to one that was asked a few weeks back about eligibility for citizenship. Foreign nationals can apply for Dutch nationality if they have lived in the Netherlands legally for at least five years. The issuance of a citizenship certificate for a minor is free of charge within the first two years after the child 39 s birth application must be filed in time to include processing time . According to the country s Department of Justice and Equality if you have a parent grandparent or even a great grandparent of Irish descent you are eligible for citizenship. Thousands of people around the world who qualify for Italian Citizenship are currently exploring the possibility to become dual citizens. Requirement to register eliminated in 1977. Unfortunately the only information I have on my great great grandparents is John Kerrigan born about 1838 in Ireland amp Bridget Delaney born about 1836 in England. Alana Cook 39 s American Born dad is British thus England not Scotland or any other UK. See full list on britishexpats. Am I entitled to Irish citizenship based on my Irish grandparents Yes you are entitled to Irish citizenship by descent if any of your grandparents was born in Ireland but you must first register your birth in the Foreign Births Register. The reacquisition of Italian citizenship is governed by articles 13 and 17.

Andrew s paternal grandfather was Jewish of Austrian Jewish and Romanian Jewish descent. However if you want to sponsor your family members as permanent residents of Canada you must plan to move to Canada at the time the permanent resident visas are issued. How can you qualify for British Citizenship by Double Descent and be eligible to get a British Passport There are provisions in law allowing a claim if a grandparent or great grandparent was British or was born in the UK. Good moral character and allegiance to the U. Jan 29 2013 Here 39 s my descent background My Great Grandparents were born in Ireland and immigrated to Canada in the early 1900s where they had my Grandma. The fact that there is NO generational limit for citizenship through ancestry has been confirmed by various Italian consulates. Italian citizenship by descent is possible for individuals who are born to Italian parents grandparents great grandparents there is no upper limit in terms of the number of generations . PASSPORTS Application for Birth registration in Italy of children under 18 years of age 22 Apr 2020 You could be eligible for Australian citizenship by descent if you also an Australian citizen at the time of your birth be of good character if you nbsp One out of twenty Canadians have a possible claim to U. People with a grandparent born outside Ireland but with a parent who is an Irish citizen. Apr 30 2009 I googled a few days long and as far as I understood the nationality law the canadian law was that way that the citizenship was obtained indefinatley by the descendants of canadian citizens. You automatically become a Dutch national if one of your parents is Dutch when you are born. There are several ways of acquiring Dutch nationality. Double descent will require you to meet certain guidelines depending on when you and your grandparents were born. citizen means a Canadian citizen citoyen 2 Paragraph 1 a does not apply to a person if at the time of his birth neither of his parents a a lawyer who is a member in good standing of a law society of a province or a notary who is a nbsp Have you ever had a certificate of Canadian citizenship or naturalization the Applicant 39 s grandparents a Canadian citizen at the time of his her birth No. The first step in the process is to schedule a phone consultation to determine your eligibility to apply in Italy for Italian citizenship by descent review the documents that will be needed for and provide you with a personalized project proposal including a step by step action plan and customized quote. 28 item 353 2000 ELIGIBILITY TO ACQUIRE POLISH CITIZENSHIP By descent from parents where at least one of them is a Polish citizen Ius Sanguinis Acquire documentation of familial connection. If your application for Canadian citizenship is refused this decision may be appealed to the Federal Court of Canada. For Italian great grandfathers there is no such time limit. Was my mother an Irish citizen at birth or would she have had to gone through a process to claim Irish citizenshi For example Italy will grant citizenship to descendents of a great grandparent born in Italy but in the case of a great grandmother you must be able to prove that she was still an Italian citizen in 1948 and her child your grandparent must have been born after 1948. Eligible applicants include 1 any person whose grandparent was born in Ireland and 2 any person whose parent is an Irish citizen. However you have to speak at least a rudimentary level of Hungarian and pass a language test. I am curious if I am eligible for Canadian Citizenship by decent. through place of birth or jus sanguinis i. His grandfather was born March 11th 1928 in Canada. Citizenship law is quite complicated.

Contact our Citizenship Lawyers for assistance in procuring all the Italian and American certificates required to apply for Dual Italian Citizenship and an Italian Passport. Apr 06 2020 Hungary citizenship via descent. You 39 ll need documentation In order to apply you must be a U. citizen whether by naturalization or birth. Category 2 direct descent mother born in Italy Italian citizen at the moment of your birth occurred after January 1st 1948 and you never renounced your right to Italian citizenship. Does that status allow me to gain citizenship or does the grandparent requirement need to be only one generation of separation my parent s parent . Claiming British Citizenship by descent grandparent also known as British Citizenship by double descent is based on at least one of your grandparents being British. Hefter who was born in Illinois to German parents. Citizen Parents If Born Between 11 14 1986 and Today . This right is often referred to as Citizenship by Descent. In some cases children born in Portugal to non citizens may be eligible for Portuguese citizenship. My grandmother was born in Canada in 1929 therefore automatically obtaining Canadian citizenship. In my article titled Jus Sanguinis or Jus Soli Are You a Candidate for Dual Citizenship I delved into the principle of citizenship by descent also known as jus sanguinis law of blood focusing on Italy and Ireland. Andrew is able to apply for Italian citizenship as his mother was an Italian citizen at the time of his birth and Andrew never renounced his right to Italian citizenship. This new route to UK citizenship affects thousands of previously ineligible people across the world. Frank was the son of Alexander John McClean who was of Scottish and French Canadian descent and of Emma S. Aug 13 2017 Your great great great grandparents may they rest in peace could be about to hand you citizenship in Europe and with it the legal freedom to live and do business in any of the 28 countries of the European Union. To qualify your parents or parent must still hold their Italian citizenship. Aug 31 2019 To become an Irish citizen your great grandparent s grandchild ie your parent who is of Irish descent must have registered in the Foreign Births Register between the years 1956 and 1986 or if you were born after 1986 they registered before you were born. Citizenship by double descent British nationality law allows claims to come from a UK born grandparent known as double descent . For details see Citizenship Through U. British citizenship by descent quot British citizenship by descent quot is the category for children born outside the UK or an Overseas Territory to a British citizen. You are of Sephardic descent and can prove it. immigration laws Section 322 of the ACT the only possibility of obtaining transmitting U.

Oct 16 2013 Ancestral Citizenship in the Emerald Isle and the Boot. Technically the citizenship law says nothing about ethnicity under article 11 of the law. My scenario is as follows My great grandfather was a Canadian Citizen or British Subject by birth prior to 1900 My grandmother was born to a Canadian father and an American mother married in 1913 My father was born to my grandmother and my American grandfather married in 1947 I was born to in 1977 to my father and mother See full list on ottawa. This timeline is very important. You still have to meet the requirement to be of good character and you ll need to prove your identity and the citizenship of your French parent. Aug 10 2012 Irish citizenship by descent from an Ireland or Northern Ireland born parent is automatic in other cases it is granted upon registration provided that the parent has become an Irish citizen before the child is born special rules exist for those who registered as Irish citizens before 1987 . You will need to have your birth registered in the Foreign Births Register . Ireland s citizenship by ancestry program is probably one of the best known around the world. I know that the Government has passed laws in 1977 to avoid that and that second generations born abroad do not get citizenship anymore. It depends when the child was born when the father was born and whether the parents were married at the time of the child s birth. We applied in early 2018 and received our citizenship certificates within ten months. Citizenship by investment programs legally confer citizenship status faster than traditional immigration processes and do so without requiring investors to put their lives on hold. Present these documents with apostilles i and translations at a citizenship appointment with your Italian consulate if you live outside of Italy or your town hall if you reside in Italy . Also in this period of Citizenship through descent from Irish grandparent If one of your grandparents was born in Ireland but neither of your parents was born in Ireland you may become an Irish citizen. canadian citizenship by descent great grandparent

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